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    Fantasia 2015: Watch the trailer for the first Ugandan action film ‘Who Killed Captain Alex?’

    Over the course of film history, the action movie genre has proven itself to be something that appeals to cinema fans all over the world, with many film industries and countries outside of the USA and Hollywood contributing valuable and well-regarded films into the genre. The newest entry comes from Uganda, in the form of Who […] More

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    Fantasia 2015: ‘Ludo’ is beyond saving

    All the youthful energy in the world couldn’t save Ludo. The film opens with bombast, as an exploration of the night life of Kolkata, and two young couples who are hungry for sex. Cultural puritanicalism prevents them from finding a hotel room, but they end up finding refuge in a closed shopping mall where they are free to indulge in their baser instincts. Here they encounter an elderly couple, trapped and hungry, and are introduced to a mysterious game. From here on, the film abandons linearity and expectations, taking us on a whirlwind phantasmagorical journey into the past and the collective unconscious, where it similarly loses all sense of grounding. More

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    Fantasia 2015: ‘The Hallow’ is hollow horror

    Irish legends are rich with horrifying monsters, painful realities and a genuine sense of despair. Perhaps rooted in the Irish struggle, many of the lessons from their myths evoke inequality and injustice – it does not matter who you are, what you believe or what you do, you are not above nature’s law. What is nature’s law? It is a perverse combination of God’s will and an amoral natural world. Set in the mostly undisturbed forests of Ireland, The Hallow is about a conservationist (Joseph Mawle) and his young family. Despite many warnings from the locals, he persists in investigating the forests, eventually inspiring its wrath. More

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    Fantasia 2015: ‘Nina Forever’ is a gruesome, sexy, dark comedy

    The Marquis de Sade wrote, “There is no better way to know death than to link it with some licentious image”. Georges Bataille latched onto this idea, arguing that without death there is no desire. Factors of procreation and beauty play a role in sex, but true desire is rooted in our mortality: we want to fuck because we know we will die. The link between death and desire is at the heart of the Blaine brothers’ debut feature, Nina Forever. More

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    Fantasia 2015: Watch the trailer for ‘Catch Me Daddy’

    The Fantasia International Film Festival has, over the years, offered a showcase to promising filmmakers and intriguing features from a wide range of genres and countries, and the 2015 incarnation of the festival is no different in that regard. Among the features at the 2015 Fantasia Festival is the UK Drama Catch Me Daddy. Written […] More

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    ‘Attack on Titan’, Sion Sono, ‘Cop Car’ among full Fantasia ’15 lineup

    The 19th Annual Fantasia Film Festival is only a week away, beginning July 14 and running through August 4. And as promised for today, they’ve revealed their full line-up of films screening at 2015’s festival in Montreal. This year’s line-up boasts 22 World Premieres, 13 International Premieres, and 21 North American Premieres. Both Marvel’s Ant-Man and […] More

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    Enter Fantasia Film Festival’s ‘Bumper Challenge’

    The Fantasia Film Festival just announced their second wave of films for this year’s festival starting July 14, but in anticipation of the festival they’ve launched a contest along with Tentsquare for any aspiring filmmakers. Simply make a 30 second “bumper” video with no dialogue and the image of a cat at some point in […] More

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