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‘Scratch’ does more than scratch the surface of the dangers of chasing a dream

Scratch is a bold proposition from writer-director Sébastien Godron. In many ways it both adheres to and goes against the tropes of the classic tale of a poor kid that makes it big, both with respect to the story being told and the actual filmmaking process. The movie opens in faux-documentary style, with the director within the film Mathieu meeting the film’s central characters, talking to them about their lives, their hopes and dreams.


Fantasia 2015: ‘Nina Forever’ is a gruesome, sexy, dark comedy

The Marquis de Sade wrote, “There is no better way to know death than to link it with some licentious image”. Georges Bataille latched onto this idea, arguing that without death there is no desire. Factors of procreation and beauty play a role in sex, but true desire is rooted in our mortality: we want to fuck because we know we will die. The link between death and desire is at the heart of the Blaine brothers’ debut feature, Nina Forever.

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