Film Festival

The Last Laugh Mel Brooks

‘The Last Laugh’ asks How Soon is Too Soon?

Does edgy humor uplift the downtrodden, or use their misery as a crutch for easy jokes? The Last Laugh may not offer any definitive answers but it does provide enough well thought out arguments, sharp insights, to spark conversations.

Patchwork 01

‘Patchwork’ is a festival treat

Patchwork is an examination of life death in the modern age, mixed with violence, gore, and a cheeky tone sure to delight fans of classic 80’s scream-fests.

‘No Land’s Song’ deserves to be seen by as many people as possible

Before 1979, Iran had a history of iconic female singers. Qamar al-Molouk Vaziri was in 1924 the first woman to sing in front of a male audience and still “retain her good reputation”. It was a time when “women wore burkas and men were on opium”, sighs one of the protagonists of the documentary from the Iranian Ayat Najafi. Singers such as Delkash and Googoosh, as well as Sayeh Sodeyfi, performing in the film, were widely listened to, but have since then been made illegal. After the revolution, female solo-singing in public was banned on the grounds of “exceeding a certain vocal range” and “sexually arousing men in the audience”, and thereby breaking the rule of decency and of not deviating from their normal condition.

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