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‘Roller Town’; Saturday Night Live and/or Fever

Roller Town Directed by Andrew Bush Written by Andrew Bush, Mark Little, Scott Vrooman Canada, 2012 If comedy is tragedy plus time, a satire of the cultural immolation that is the 1970’s is long overdue. From tacky flare trousers and ridiculously wide neckties, to disco music and roller rinks, the 70’s was, for the most …

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2011: A Year of Uprooting and Rebooting Eras

Remakes, “re-adaptations”, and “re-imaginings” have been a frequent occurrence in cinema throughout much of its history, alongside the franchise “reboot” concept that has become particularly commonplace in the last decade. 2011, however, saw a rather curious trend of remakes of films and TV shows, either formerly original concepts or previous adaptations themselves, where the original’s …

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Summer, Bloody Summer

  As our last thrilling episode ended in June, we had left poor, helpless, hapless Hollywood tied to railroad tracks with the July/August Express out of Union Station barreling down, dastardly Audience Disinterest at the throttle, henchman Audience Apathy throwing on more coal. But wait!  Are those cavalry bugles heard from just over the hill? …

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