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    ‘Friday The 13th’ to become a tv series on The CW

    The history of horror cinema has been filled with iconic villains who end up becoming the anchor of a franchise, being the only consistent element across several movies. One such villain is Jason Voorhees, who first made an appearance in the 1980 film Friday the 13th, and has subsequently appeared in eleven other movies, as […] More

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    Monstervision: The Saturday Drive-In

    “This is Joe Bob Briggs reminding you that the Drive-In will Never Die!”  In 1993, Monstervision on TNT in America, was mostly a program that aired old horror movies and science fiction with the occasional hosting from magicians Penn and Teller. During the early nineties, many cable channels hadn’t yet solidified their formats, and horror […] More

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    Childhood Movies: ‘Child’s Play’

    The basement was where my older brother went to watch movies. When the door was closed, it meant don’t go downstairs. EVER. Now I had my fair share of entertainment upstairs, where my room was, but just knowing that my presence was forbidden made me want to go downstairs even more. After countless of days […] More

  • Best Horror Movie Remakes and Sequels

    Ok, so that may be slightly misleading, but I had to get your attention. The truth is that remakes and sequels, horror or otherwise, tend towards merely being insipidly contrived shadows of their predecessors; retreading formulas with less impact or merely upping the genre staples whilst degrading the narrative, acting, and soul. But every once […] More

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    The Ten Best and Five Worst Films of 2009 (So Far)

    2009’s Ten Best and Five Worst Films (So Far) We’re technically over halfway through 2009, but a disproportionately large number of great films tend to spring up in the latter months of the year, so let’s call it halfway for the sake of our collective sanity. It hasn’t been a terrific year for filmgoing so […] More

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    Top 10 slasher killers and heroines

    The definition of a slasher film varies depending on who you ask, but in general, it contains several specific traits that feed into the genre’s formula. Every slasher has a killer whose identity is often concealed (or at least his face in cases of characters such as Michael Myer and Jason Voorhees) and for no […] More

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    Sound On Sight Radio #94 – Camp Blood

    listen now Download show Friday the 13th is the first and some say the best in a long running horror series that got sillier and more far-fetched the longer it pressed on. The film is in now way groundbreaking coming after cult favorites Black Christmas, Halloween and Bay of Blood, but does it do the […] More