Gaspar Noé

FNC 2015: ‘Love’ is a powerful study of gender relations

On the one hand, it’d be easy (and tempting) to discuss Love, the new film from Gaspar Noé, solely through the lens of the movie’s sex. There’s certainly a lot of it, and it’s explicit, with unsimulated sex scenes making up a significant portion of the film’s two hour running time.

Love 01

TIFF ’15: ‘Love’ proves you can have too much of a good thing

Most filmmakers portray love stories like rocket-ships exploding into the air—they’re only interested in the story of the ship’s ascent into the stratosphere. Other filmmakers show more interest in remaining at ground-zero, cynically anticipating a love-rockets tragic descent back down to earth.

100 + Greatest Horror Movies (pt.4) 75-51

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