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    Naked Lunch Radio #76 – My Own Private Idol

    listen now Download show A director who is capable of crafting both deeply unconventional independent films and mainstream crowd-pleasers, Gus Van Sant has managed to carve an enviable niche for himself in Hollywood. Since debuting in 1985 with Mala Noche, Van Sant has become one of the premiere bards of dysfunction, populating his films with […] More

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    Naked Lunch Radio #75 – Another Gay Film Festival

    listen now Download show Episode 75: Gays Gone Wild This week sees the arrival of the twenty-first edition of Montreal’s Image+Nation fest, featuring a wide-ranging survey of new films that touch on LGBT themes. To celebrate, we’ll be  tackling a few of them, including XXY, (which served as Argentina’s submission for the Academy Awards last […] More

  • Image Nation 2008

    The Lost Coast Directed by Gabriel Flemming 2008 The Lost Coast begins with a lousy voice over to describe the events of  a lousy Halloween night in which the narrator goes on to say how he discovered a dead body. The film has been described as “moody” and “dreamlike,” but I would rather call it […] More