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‘Batwoman’ #40: hanging up the cowl

After over three years in publication, Batwoman’s ongoing series comes to an end. There is to be an annual set to release at the start of April, but #40 marks the end of Batwoman’s monthly instalments. To tell the truth, it’s quite miraculous that a title coming from the big two headlining a gay female lead has lasted this long. Then again chances are association to a certain more famous superhero helped keep this book stay afloat, sorry but it tends to be true. One of the greatest problems Batwoman has faced is the numerous controversies surrounding her book. There was the infamous marriage cancellation which caused the creative team of J. H. Williams III and Haden Blackman to walk out, prompting the series to be handed over to Marc Andrekyo. While Andrekyo has done what best he can to fix the damages, he wound up creating controversy by having Kate Kane appear to be raped by a vampire. This latest arc has attempted to fix that debacle and tries its hardest to end the book on a positive note.

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‘Batwoman #37:’ at the Devil’s crossroads

While Batwoman has had an awkward run thanks mostly to interference by DC editorial and the infamous marriage fiasco, Marc Andreyko seems to be rounding out the end of this sadly mistreated title with grace. Finally unshackled from the tone of Williams III and Blackman’s run, the currently story line of Batwoman teaming up with various heroes, antiheroes, and villains from across the DCU’s mystical and criminal undergrounds is starting out strong.

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