Georges Jeanty

‘Batwoman’ #39: hanging up the cowl with grace

So, Batwoman makes its way onto its cancelation. It’s quite the tragedy as the current arc is actually far more compelling and novel than the series has been in a long time. Of course that’s not going to stop this issue from being another of the book’s many controversies. What has already drawn the malice of the book’s struggling fandom is the return and redemption of Red Alice, Kate Kane’s psychopathic twin sister. Alice is one of Batwoman’s oldest foes, dating all the way back to her first solo outing in Batwoman: Elegy. She’s a major component of Kate’s mythos and Andrekyo’s decision to turn her into a hero is seen as a betrayal.

‘Batwoman’ #36 Dives Head First into the Occult

Last month, Batwoman saw Kate Kane working alongside the likes of Red Alice, Clayface, Ragman, and Etrigan the Demon in space while fighting the forces of Hell and Morgan le Fey. It served as a proper introduction to Batwoman’s new occult themed team: the Unknowns. Now the series jumps back to explain the hows and whys of last issue. This month manages to perfectly balance both the oncoming mystical madness and the fallout from the last year or so of story lines.

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