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    Ruben Fleischer’s ‘Gangster Squad’ gets a new trailer with no sign of the theatre shooting scene

    2009’s Zombieland, director Ruben Fleischer’s feature film debut, turned a lot of heads both critically and commercially by managing to be a fresh and engaging take on the well-worn horror comedy and zombie movie genres. Despite his follow-up feature, 30 Minutes or Less, also being classified as a comedy, Fleischer made the interesting choice to […] More

  • Comic Con 2009: Avatar

    James Cameron’s 12-years-in-the-making, $250 million production appeared to deliver the goods and live up to the hype after a 25-minute screening of Avatar was greeted to a standing ovation on Thursday night.  At least in terms of the visuals, most agree that the sneak peek has displayed some of the most advanced CGI ever produced.  […] More