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    15 Best films of the 2015 Fantasia Film Festival

    Horror, fantasy, Hong Kong action, animation, strange documentaries, thought-provoking science-fiction, Japanese new wave and martial arts are just among the many genres the Fantasia Film Festival covered in its nineteenth year of programming. Famous for being the largest genre film festival in North America, Fantasia is packed with Canadian, North American and worldwide feature-length premieres […] More

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    Fantasia 2015: ‘Goodnight Mommy’ is disturbing, claustrophobic arthouse horror

    Goodnight Mommy Written and directed by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala Austria, 2014 Even if the details of Goodnight Mommy, the Austrian chiller from co-directors Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala are unclear, the basics couldn’t be straightforward enough: twin brothers Elias and Lukas (Elias and Lukas Schwarz) are suspicious of their mother (Suzanne West). She […] More

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    Fantasia 2015 Must See Films (Week Two)

    Considered the world’s largest genre film festival and running over three weeks long, Fantasia is celebrating its 19th edition this year and the lineup is pretty incredible. This year’s fest runs July 14 through August 4 and will see over 130 feature films including more than 20 world premieres. Legendary filmmaker Sion Sono is delivering […] More