Guy Maddin

‘My Winnipeg’ propaganda meets documentary

Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Winnipeg. Where sleepwalkers roam the snow laden streets. Where gender seperation exists in public swimming holes. Where the Winnipeg Jets arena is a shrine to everything that matters. It will be difficult to forget the Winnipeg Guy Madden has envisioned in this documentary for his hometown.

New on Video: ‘My Winnipeg’

Through a series of staged reenactments from his life and from the city’s past, juxtaposed with anecdotes and trivia of varying degrees of believability, Maddin creates a hilarious, haunting, and kaleidoscopic survey of 100 years of Winnipeg, and how he relates to it all.

New on Video: ‘F for Fake’

The most enjoyable thing about F for Fake is that Orson Welles seems to be having such fun. It’s rare to see a filmmaker displaying, though his actual presence and through the tools of his trade, such an unadulterated delight in expression.

New on Video: ‘Ace in the Hole’

“Ace in the Hole” is a quintessential Billy Wilder movie… [with] all the hallmarks one associates with his best work: cynicism, humor, terrific performances, sharp dialogue, and impeccable direction. Here, to keep within the theme of the title, we get it all in spades.

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