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    Bon Appetit: ‘Ravenous’ and the Beast Inside

    Ravenous Written by Ted Griffin Directed by Antonia Bird USA, 1999 Ravenous is a film that is deceitful above all things. Almost from the outset, and certainly from the trailers, it portrays itself as a horror comedy in the vein of perhaps Evil Dead II or Cabin Fever. However, as the film comes together, the viewer quickly begins to see […] More

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    ‘The Rover’, the latest feature from David Michôd, releases a new trailer

    While already having numerous short films under his belt, filmmaker David Michôd made a big splash in 2010 with Animal Kingdom, his first directorial feature film, which he also wrote. Having also co-written Hesher, many people in the film community were interested to see where Michôd would go next, which led to excitement at the announcement […] More

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    Jack Irish: Dead Point is a TV Movie in need of some life

    Jack Irish doesn’t just have an incredibly banal, writerly name (it could easily be Reginald Fakename), he has a completely bland existence of the sort that feels carbon-copied from any of dozens of mystery novels, films, and television shows. Jack has it all: a dead wife, a dark past, a former legal career that has transformed into work as a private eye, and rugged good looks that suggest he has seen some things he’d rather forget. Jack Irish: Dead Point is the third time Guy Pearce has played the character (he previously appeared in Jack Irish: Bad Debts and Jack Irish: Black Tide, all based on the series of novels by Peter Temple), and he is completely wasted in the role. Irish doesn’t really emote; he mostly walks through the by-the-numbers plotting as if waiting for the end credits to arrive. More

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    ‘Ravenous’ a crazed look at mankind’s appetite for power

    Director Antonia Bird’s Ravenous is a bizarre amalgamation of humor and horror that explores cannibalism with warped nuance. The strangely cacophonous score builds up tension as craven outcasts face a glutinous and depraved attacker whose strength seems fortified by his consumption of human flesh. Set during America’s westward expansion, the metaphor of humanity’s insatiable appetite for power is plain to see but its execution indulges in such eccentricities that it is still a gruesome pleasure to behold. More

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    ‘Prometheus’ & The Death of a Masterpiece

    If you flashback to the early 00’s, there was still a sense of excitement and anticipation at the announcement of Ridley Scott working on a new project. This was a visionary director who’s expansive, ambitious and heart capturing visual eye had given the world of cinema such wonders as Alien and Blade Runner, masterpieces of […] More

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    ‘Breathe In’, the newest feature from Drake Doremus, releases its first trailer

    2011’s Like Crazy, filmmaker Drake Doremus’ fourth feature, turned numerous heads in the film community as it made its way across film festivals, with both the director and leading actress Felicity Jones garnering acclaim, and leaving many interested in seeing where Doremus would go from here. Taking on directing and co-writing duties for his next […] More

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    EIFF 2013: ‘Breathe In’ is a compelling, quietly breathtaking drama

    Drake Doremus’s latest film, Breathe In, is a taut, emotional drama, starring Guy Pearce as a middle-aged high school music teacher who has never abandoned his dream of becoming a full-time musician. His character, Keith, is living in a state of continual but indifferent regret; despite having a loving wife (Amy Ryan), highly-achieving daughter (Mackenzie Davis) and beautiful house in upstate New York, he yearns for the exciting bohemian lifestyle of his youth, of which only his passion for music remains. The domestic inertia is broken when the family accept an English exchange student into their home, the 18-year-old piano prodigy, Sophie (Felicity Jones), who rekindles Keith’s romantic nostalgia and forces him to revaluate his responsibilities to his family and himself. More

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