Interview with ‘Tommy’ Artist Juan Navarro

Juan Navarro is an artist and co-founder of the small press indie comic book company Creature Entertainment located in Miami, Florida. He writes the supernatural crime drama Rez and draws the psychological horror story Tommy. He also runs his own website FWACATA and has his own webcomic The Zombie Years about a futuristic zombie apocalypse.

Monster Mashup: Superman vs. Dracula

Unlike Marvel, with its successful Tomb of Dracula series, DC never integrated a specific iteration of Dracula into their superhero universe. However, once the loosening of the Comics Code allowed for them, vampires of all different sorts certainly found their way into the pages of DC’s comics, but there was never a definitive Dracula that existed alongside Superman, Batman, and the rest. As such, the DC heroes have encountered a handful of different Dracula-esque characters through the years. Once such example can be found in 2002’s Superman #180.

Monster Mashup: X-Men #40

Because the characters exist in the public domain, there have been countless comic book iterations of classic horror icons Dracula and Frankenstein, including “official” versions of both characters which exist within the respective Marvel and DC Universes, versions which interact with each company’s superheroes. But through the years, those heroes have also encountered and battled one-off iterations of the horror monsters, independent of the “main” characterization.

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