HD Remake

‘Resident Evil: HD Remaster’ marks the creeping return of yesterdays nightmares

When Resident Evil originally hit the shelves in 1996, the term “survival-horror” was born. Though there were other darkly-themed experiences, such as Clock Tower, Resident Evil became known as the ultimate horror-gaming experience, with elements missing from the competition such as complicated puzzles, mysterious conspiracies, and most importantly, some genuine scares.

‘Final Fantasy Type-0’ announces its ‘arrival’ with a stylish new trailer

Like the other members of the ill-fated “Fabula Nova Crystalis” project, Final Fantasy Agito XIII was inevitably re-branded as Final Fantasy Type-0. The game focuses on the country of Orience which is split into four “crystal states”. The states seem to be in conflict with one another, although the nature of the conflict remains unclear.

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