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    The Surprisingly Prolific Comic Book Actors

    Hugh Jackman has played Logan aka Wolverine in seven different films. It’s an impressive number that will shortly increase with a third solo Wolverine film and possibly X-Men:Apocalypse, although at the time of writing he has yet to be officially cast. A few other names are snapping at the heels of Jackman, notably the cast […] More

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    ‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’ Posters

    Disney has released two great posters for Toy Story That Time Forgot, Pixar’s latest TV special which will premiere Tuesday December 2nd 2014 at 8:00pm on ABC. The first is the teaser poster, by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola which was released during Comic Con this past summer. Here is the official teaser plot synopsis for […] More

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    The 5 Comic Books You Should Have Read

    With the success of the Marvel movies and the news that DC have started adding to their roster for the big screen, comic books have seen an explosion in popularity. No longer a niche hobby, these fun reads are now considered part of popular culture, like bingo or the Kardashians. Don’t waste your time on […] More

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    San Diego Comic Con 2014: Top 5 Dark Horse Announcements

    Dark Horse, the elder statesman of independent comics, continues to show no signs of slowing down during this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Even though Marvel now holds the rights to Star Wars, its biggest licensed comics property, Dark Horse  struck back by announcing a several creator owned titles in different genres as well as […] More

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    Ranking the Films of Director Guillermo Del Toro

    7: Hellboy 2 There’s a palpable joy to Hellboy II: The Golden Army, a tactile love that graces every scene, bringing to life a fantastical world full of wonders and terrors, and enlivening the proceedings with enough cleverness to keep things moving along. Where Hellboy is a servicable comic-book adaptation from the early era of […] More

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    How Do You Talk to El Diablo?

    What do Left Behind, Little Nicky, Mister Frost, and Hellboy all have in common? They all feature the devil in either a starring or cameo role. Satan or Lucifer has long been a fascinating figure ever since John Milton’s Paradise Lost immortalized him. Not surprising in a bit of homage Al Pacino as Satan in […] More

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    New Mondo Posters for ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Hellboy II’

    The next two installments in Mondo‘s first director series are now online and spotlight the Hellboy films by director Guillermo Del Toro. The first up is Hellboy, by artist Florian Bertmer. The 24×36 poster will be printed in a run of 240 prints. The second is Hellboy II: The Golden Army, by artist Ken Taylor. […] More

  • Greatest Comic Book Adaptations

    #30 – Hellboy Directed by Guillermo del Toro The Comic: Created by writer-artist Mike Mignola, the character of Hellboy first appeared in a number of eponymous miniseries, one-shots as well as some crossovers. The demon, whose true name is Anung Un Rama (the Beast of the Apocalypse), was brought to Earth as an infant by […] More

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    Naked Lunch Radio #44: The Spanish Inquisition

    listen now Download show Episode 44: The Spanish InquisitionIn a nice bit of synchronicity, Fantasia has offered us a slate of new Spanish fantasy and horror films – specifically, the much-hyped “verité” thriller [rec], silent throwback La Antena, apocalyptic thriller Before the Fall, and the time-travel black comedy Timecrimes. Meanwhile, over in Hollywood, Spanish wizard […] More