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    Open Source #27: The Rise of the Remake

    This week on Open Source, the crew discuss the news that Capcom are contemplating giving Resident Evil 2 the remake treatment. Are they good for the industry? And what other games would benefit from a little cosmetic upgrading? Also: Mike talks about his experiences playing Her Story, Liz sings the praises of Sharknado 3, John […] More

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    Non-traditional gameplay provides the focus of riveting ‘Her Story’

    Her Story is far from a typical game. There are a great many arguments that could be made toward its gameplay and scenario that stray far from convention. Although unusual, these differences make for a compelling experience. Her Story uses multiple strengths to make a game unlike any other in recent memort and for that reason alone it is worth trying. That it revives a old gaming convention and makes it new again, is just icing on the cake. More