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What killed ‘Final Fantasy’

When I start an article off with a title like “What Killed Final Fantasy”, I can only assume that some readers will agree that it’s dead and be intrigued, some readers will be offended at my insult to their favourite gaming franchise, and the rest will be Square Enix’s current demographic: the artistically blind. Final …

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‘Chrono Cross’ is a divergent but impressive successor

Generally when a sequel is in the planning stages, things are fairly vague. The themes are uncertain, the setting is unclear, and many of the narrative hooks have yet to be worked out. One thing that’s always a given, though, is the characters. As the driving force of the original story, the characters are always the first thing that people will think of when they hear about a sequel. So what happens when a so-called ‘sequel’ jettisons the original cast almost completely? Well, to this day, Chrono Cross remains an intriguing answer to that question.

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