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    ‘The Voices’ will make talking to your pets feel so wrong

    Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) spends his days working the nine-to-five shift at his new job at the Milton Bathtub Factory. Jerry is chipper to the point that he may turn some people off, but he never stops trying to make friends. Friends are something that Jerry could use because the only other conversation he has is with his dog Bosco and his cat Mr. Whiskers. Things are looking up though, Jerry has been tasked with planning the company picnic and he’s asked a girl (Gemma Arterton) out on a date. Jerry is so excited to share the news he rushes home to tell his pets about Fiona. Oddly enough, both Bosco and Mr. Whiskers start talking back. More

  • Toronto After Dark 2010: Goodnight, Sweet Festival

    Once more, Toronto After Dark has proven why it stands out in a city full of film festivals.  Fans were treated to a wild ride full of Old Ones, exorcisms, ninjas, pot brownies, demons, centurions, robogeisha, and a human centipedes. Here are some notes from the festival: –       The horror-comedy is picking up speed and […] More

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    Toronto After Dark 2010: Doghouse (Review #1)

    Doghouse Dir. Jake West (2009, UK, 89 mins.) One thing should be said from the outset: this film is about cannibalistic, man-hating, female zombies hell-bent on wrecking a boy’s weekend out. If you found any part of that offensive, then move on to something else. Doghouse does not just throw political correctness out the window. […] More

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    Toronto After Dark 2010: Last Lovecraft (Review #1)

    The Last Lovecraft Dir. Henry Saine (2009, USA, 82 min) If intrepid mortals were to make a horror-comedy adventure about the Cthulhu mythos, would author HP Lovecraft be turning over in his grave?  Given that Lovecraft is probably a prisoner of the Great Old Ones, I daresay that he won’t mind. For the uninitiated: HP […] More

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    Drag Me To Hell

    Drag Me to Hell Directed by Sam Raimi Where other horror pioneers’ attempts to return to the cinematic styles that earned them their reputations have generally ranged from middling (George Romero’s Land and Diary of the Dead) to embarrassing (Dario Argento’s Mother of Tears), Sam Raimi effortlessly slips back into “spook-a-blast” mode with the outrageously […] More