Hugh Sullivan

Fantasia 2014: ‘The Infinite Man’ is a funny and heartfelt time travel tale

Though time travel often demands expectation of the messiest, awfullest worst, Hugh Sullivan’s debut feature-length effort is one smoothly cut time machine. Whereas Primer has taught us to expect headaches, hair-splitting logic, and, for some of us, an utter lack of a point, The Infinite Man delivers laudable clarity, fun, and a deceptively straightforward end in sight.

SXSW 2014: ‘The Infinite Man’ cleverly navigates time-travel, tropes, and metaphors

Relationships and time travel are often tied together and with good reason. Relationships are a natural source of conflict, and time travel lends itself well metaphorically to the lengths people will go for one another. The Infinite Man irreverently dissects relationships and genuinely explores how they can disintegrate via insecurities, jealousy, and a continual focus on the past.

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