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Survival is a short comic in ashcan format (that means small, for the uninitiated.). The premise centers around a mother, father, daughter, and their survival during a pandemic-level zombie outbreak. The father’s first instinct is to pack up his family and take them to the local bulk store (think Costco or Sam’s Club). Once inside, the family stocks up on supplies and moves to the fire exit.

‘Legends of Baldur’s Gate’ #1 is a Fantasy Adventure Comedy

Jim Zub and Max Dunbar introduce readers new and old to the sword fights, magic, and even more colorful characters of the world of Baldur’s Gate. No knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons or the Baldur’s Gate video games is required to enjoy this comic. After a few exposition captions, Legends of Baldur’s Gate #1 drops right into the action where the protagonist Delina, a Moon Elf mage is being chased by dragons for some reasons. Max Dunbar is a deft fight choreographer, who shifts the panel shape to keep the battles fresh and not just hack and slash. And the action, adventure, and comedy reach a whole new level when Minsc, the dumb as rock, hamster wielding Ranger shows up to help Delina.


Prepare for Cross-Over Fun with ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters’ #1

Cross-overs have been a staple of the comic book business since before Superman met Bugs Bunny. For the publishers, the crossover is an easy way to sell books. For fans, it’s either a dream come true or an over hyped nightmare of biblical proportions. When a crossover works, it benefits the consumer to no end. IDW has had their fair share of success with their recent crossover series. From the over-top throwback Transformers Vs. GI Joe to the recently announced X-Files and Millennium, IDW is giving just what the fans want. This week, the company mashes together two of their more celebrated, and culturally loved properties, with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters #1.

‘Edward Scissorhands’ #1 is an Atmospheric Treat

24 years after the original film, Kate Leth and Drew Rausch continue the story of everyone’s favorite black wearing, hair dressing, tears inducing unlikely fairy tale hero. Edward Scissorhands #1 is set many years after the film, and Megs, the daughter of Kim (played by Winona Ryder) is now a teenager. Edward Scissorhands is considered to either be a murderer or a myth, and Kim’s own daughter considers her to be insane.

‘Ragnarok’ #1 Has Detailed Art, But an Average Story

Ragnarok #1 opens in a suitably operatic manner as Thor and the last remaining Asgardians hold their ground against the Midgard Serpent and the world-devouring wolf Fenrir. Writer/artist Walter Simonson quotes directly from the Icelandic epic Elder Edda and shows that he can still draw gods, trolls, and elves 28 years after his run on Thor wrapped up.

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