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‘My Little Pony: Friends Forever’ # 22 is a sweet tale

Rice and crew go a fine job making a story that is Pinkie Pie driven. There are plenty of funny moments as there are earnest heartfelt moments. It is a delightful slice of life piece. Its artwork can be hit or miss depending on the page. But Rice’s writing provides much in its portrayal of the characters and comic setup. Give it a read.

‘Godzilla in Hell’ #1- Abandon all hope… unless you’re Godzilla

Since the first appearance of Godzilla in Toho’s 1954 film of the same name, the King of Monsters has battled everything from robotic constructs like Mechagodzilla to a giant moth (Mothra), smog monster (Hedorah), and even a creature (Destoroyah) derived from the oxygen destroyer weapon used to defeat him in the original movie. The giant, nuclear-flame breathing dinosaur has faced very few challenges that he could not stomp his way over or bulldoze his way through, the 1998 film adaptation notwithstanding. But, one must wonder, how would Godzilla fare in Dante’s vision of Hell? Thankfully, in Godzilla in Hell, IDW seeks to answer that question.

‘Long Distance’ #1- Interest Grows in Time

Zahler crafts a tale of budding romance with a genuine tone of tenderness with realism in the character. His artwork is done with care and thought. It is true Carter’s and Lee’s romance may seem like it is low risk without much conflict as both characters are stable and are independent. But Zahler beckons the reader to press on to see how the newly forming romance stands up to the distance between the lovers and their personal lives

‘My Little Pony: Fiendship is Magic’ #4: welcome to your nightmares

The latest installment in the Fiendship is Magic month stars Nightmare MoonTo give credit where credit is due, it’s surprising that for a series of one-shots showing off the My Little Pony villain’s roster that it’s taken this long to get to her. As the first antagonist of the series and one who’s under gone the most development, it’s a genuine surprise that IDW has shown such restraint putting from putting her out in the first issue and it’s commendable.

‘Doberman’ #1- A Funny, Self-Aware Comic

Doberman is a pretty funny book to read if you remember that it’s a spoof/homage of all of those cop action films from the ‘80s, especially Lethal Weapon. Written by several of the writers for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the book will feel strange if you don’t remember that it’s intended to be a loving parody. Once you remember that, it feels amusing to read.

Squidder Cover

‘Squidder’ #1 – engrossing story and promising start

In the future, man is being terrorized by sentient squid monsters demanding human sacrifices. Even writing that, I would normally laugh at the ridiculousness of that statement. Yet something about this comic book doesn’t make me want to laugh derisively at it. Indeed, the more I read, the more I found myself becoming engrossed in the story and the general concept.

‘The Last Fall #1- Off to a Good Start

The Last Fall is a war comic about one man, Sergeant Fall, and the losses that he’s experienced on the battlefield and at home because of the war. In the Lettya sysem, Krovin and Merkonia are at war while their shared star enters a red giant phase that will doom all of them.

‘Empty Man’ #2- A Muddled Issue

This issue continues to explore the mystery behind the phenomenon known as the Empty Man. Empty Man as a series has yet to come together, and the internal logic that governs this story seems odd at or even absent at times. The series really needs a hook apart from the disturbing content, which is only going to hook readers for so long.

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