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  • Tim Miller

    Think ‘Deadpool’ Was Tim Miller’s First Superhero Project? Think Again

    With Deadpool’s frankly insane levels of success with fans and at the box office, director Tim Miller is already becoming a household name. But while Deadpool may be the first feature film Miller’s been at the helm of, this isn’t his first superhero-related project, something new-found fans are only just discovering. Cast your mind back to 2007, and you may remember […] More

  • Captain America Civil War

    New TV Spot Unveiled for ‘Captain America: Civil War’ During Superbowl 50

    With the success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier under their belts and the massive Avengers: Infinity War looming in their future, Joe and Anthony Russo are poised to completely take over the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But until Captain America: Civil War proves that they can replicate their Winter Soldier win, it remains to be seen if we should […] More

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    Friday is Magic in ‘Invincible Iron Man’ #5

    Overall, Invincible Iron Man, which is the flagship Marvel title, has concluded its first arc with definite promises of change for several characters and that will almost likely include pushing Iron Man and Tony to their limits especially since seeds are being planted for Civil War II during the next arc! More

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    Why Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Should Be in ‘Captain America: Civil War’

    Yes, it’s unfortunate that the filming schedules and timelines didn’t match up, and Jessica Jones and Luke Cage (or even Daredevil) couldn’t be in Captain America: Civil War and give audiences flawed people like them, who care more about making ends meet and protecting their families and neighborhoods than some overblown ideological struggle. Hopefully, Spider-Man and Scott Lang will fill their regular person shoes in the film, but they are huge ones to fill, especially after Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter’s captivating performances in the Jessica Jones TV show. More

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    ‘Invincible Iron Man’ #3 focuses on friendship

    The issue ends with another night time stealth ops where ninja shadow warriors meet Tony in a Madame Masque related trap ,and issue four promises major changes to the usual Tony Stark formula in the form of the arrival of Mary Jane Watson. If the ride we’ve witnessed thus far in these four issues are any indicator for Tony’s future, readers will be enjoying the new Invincible Iron Man for months to come. More

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    Invincible Iron Man #2- Good Cop, Doom Cop

    The second issue in the rip-roaring new start to Iron Man ramps up the action and lets us inside the new Marvel Universe ever so slightly to great results. Bendis understands Tony to the point it feels right at home alongside Matt Fraction’s extensive run on the character already. Only time will tell where Invincible Iron Man will go and so far Tony will only soar higher. More

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    ‘Invincible Iron Man’ #1- Secrets and Masks

    Everyone should pick up Invincible Iron Man #1. The colors from the art team absolutely explodes in varying colors across every page. This is Dave Marquez and Justin Ponsor at their peak. All of the characters involved in the issue are vibrant and distinct, the action is beautiful and rightly acquainted with Bendis dialogue that is clear and informative. This is a brave new run for the Armored Avenger, and it’s off to a roaring start. More

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    Will Phase Three End the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

    Ant-man hits theaters on Friday, and with its release marks the end of Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Phase Three kicking-off next May. Depending on how big of a Marvel fan you are, this news will come as either exciting, or painfully boring. A surprise appearance by Agent Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) in […] More

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