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‘Jughead’ #3- Suspensions and Secret Agents

Jughead #3 mixes a little bit of sad and little bit of surreal pop culture homage/parody/tribute/however the hell you want to read it with a whole lot of funny as Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson put the whole town of Riverdale to work as the series’ plot gets just a tad weirder. Also, Jonesy should get his own spinoff one-shot or miniseries.

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Sonic Boom Issue #1 Brings the BOOM!

Sonic Boom #1 Writer: Ian Flynn Penciller: Evan Stanley Inker: Rick Bryant Colorist: Matt Herms Letterer: Jack Morelli Cover By Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante Published by Archie Comics As a departure from the current continuity by Archie, Sonic Boom aims to create a brand new universe for our favorite characters to reside in. The story remains …

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