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‘The Voices’ will make talking to your pets feel so wrong

Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) spends his days working the nine-to-five shift at his new job at the Milton Bathtub Factory. Jerry is chipper to the point that he may turn some people off, but he never stops trying to make friends. Friends are something that Jerry could use because the only other conversation he has is with his dog Bosco and his cat Mr. Whiskers. Things are looking up though, Jerry has been tasked with planning the company picnic and he’s asked a girl (Gemma Arterton) out on a date. Jerry is so excited to share the news he rushes home to tell his pets about Fiona. Oddly enough, both Bosco and Mr. Whiskers start talking back.

Gracepoint, Ep. 1.07, “Episode Seven” The town turns on Carver

The episode begins with the townspeople and police quietly reassessing their hasty judgment of Jack but terrifyingly a good number of the townspeople don’t seem to upset Jack is dead. Rather than looking at themselves, Paul (Kevin Rankin) and the rest of the town turn their attention to Carver. With a newspaper headline proclaiming he is the worst cop in California it is easier for them to blame Carver for Jack’s death than themselves.

TIFF 2013: ‘Parkland’ is an uneven account of a tragic day

The director and the majority of the cast of Parkland were present on Day 2 of TIFF 2013 to promote and support their new film, a dramatization of the chaotic aftermath of John F. Kennedy’s shooting. The movie, a would-be Oscar contender, is a serviceable but wildly uneven account of the tragic event that shook a nation.

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