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    SFIFF58: Week 1

    The New Girlfriend Written & Directed by François Ozon France, 2014 The latest from prolific French auteur François Ozon opens on a somber note as Claire (Anaïs Demoustier) recounts her lifelong friendship with the deceased Laura (Isild Le Besco), whose untimely death has left her grieving husband David (Romain Duris) alone with their infant daughter. […] More

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    Sundance 2015: ‘The D Train’ promises a fun, twisty ride

    The D Train starts as a predictable buddy-comedy, only to swerve into a completely unexpected direction. It’s a movie that might have lived comfortably in the ‘80s, alongside other raunchy R-rated comedies that never forgot to bring a little heart. Jack Black continues to evolve as a comedic actor, learning when to turn on his persona and when to disappear into character. The writing is sharp, smart, and determined to give us something unpredictable. Most importantly, it’s funny as hell. More

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    ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’ shows life only when indulging in campy melodrama

    Lee Daniels’ The Butler is an intensely silly film, but all things considered, it’s silly for unexpected reasons. A movie that offers up the image of John Cusack playing President Richard Nixon, with the only distinction between Cusack’s normal visage and his Nixonian veneer being a Pinocchio-like nasal extension, should have its silliness all sewn up in such goofy celebrity casting. But instead, what makes Lee Daniels’ The Butler almost entertainingly ridiculous is less the eclectic, deliberately weird cameos and more a flat, sappy, and inconsistent-to-the-point-of-being-schizophrenic script that very badly wants to tie its title character to Important Events of the 20th Century without fleshing said character in at all. More

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    ‘Anchorman: The Legend Continues’, the sequel to the hit 2004 Will Ferrell comedy, releases a full trailer

    Comedian Will Ferrell and filmmaker Adam McKay have collaborated on a number of well-received movies over the past decade, one of which was the 2004 feature Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. The film has steadily grown in popularity over the past few years, with many being excited when it was announced that McKay and […] More

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    Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 73: ‘Enchanted’

    How do you know…if a movie is good? How do you know…it’s for you? (I hope you’re singing those questions out loud.) This week, Josh, Mike, and Gabe convene in Mousterpiece Cinema HQ with special guest (and our first returning guest, to boot) Kate Kulzick of The Televerse to review the 2007 Walt Disney Pictures […] More

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    ‘Bachelorette’ releases its first trailer

    The success of Paul Feig’s Bridesmaids in 2011 went a long way towards disproving the Hollywood myth that a female-led comedy could not do well financially , thus opening the door for women to take a more central role in funny movies. The fruits of that labour are now beginning to show, with the similarly themed […] More

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