James White

Sundance 2015: My Top Five Picks of Sundance 2015

My first Sundance is in the books and it went much too quickly. As evidenced by the fact I’m still publishing reviews, my eyes were obviously bigger than my stomach. Still, I’d rather see too many movies than too few, and there were some hidden gems in this year’s lineup. Here are my Top Five films, along with a couple of honorable mentions because I’m feeling generous (and sleep deprived).

Sundance 2015: ‘James White’ is an intimate portrait of desperation

The edge is where you find it. For James White, the jarring first feature from director Josh Mond, the edge is the only home he knows. Unrelenting and formless, Mond’s character study explores the toll that life can take if you aren’t paying attention. This isn’t a grand epic with plot twists and moments of self-revelation; just a story about a good son careening toward self-destruction. Simple, yet powerfully effective.

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