Jason Bateman

‘A LEGO Brickumentary’ is for hardcore AFOLs

Documentaries on fandom often end up excessive celebration without any of the self-reflection that the genre usually provides. A LEGO Brickumentary is fun, but it may not appeal to anyone who isn’t already familiar with the brand. LEGO fans are a passionate bunch, and not just kids anymore. AFOLs (Adult fan of LEGO) are taking the bricks and creating a movement for themselves.

‘Horrible Bosses 2’ holds comedy hostage

There’s nothing more depressing than a lazy comedy, and Horrible Bosses 2 suffers from a terminal case of laziness. Instead of gleefully diving into its richly-black premise, it settles for obvious sight gags and uninspired improvisations. A talented comedic cast is wasted on material that aims for mediocrity and hits the target over and over again. There simply aren’t enough laughs here to justify this film’s existence.

BluthFamily pilot

Greatest TV Pilots: Arrested Development – Meet the Bluths

Through satirically playing with the most outrageous parts of the average household and destroying the concept of normality, the sitcom family often represents a caricature of our own upbringings. It can be argued that the sitcom is a ruler of modern society given that the most popular television shows by far, are the ones that feature dysfunctional families; but it wasn’t always that way. It wasn’t until the 2000s that the rise of family comedies broke format and content.

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