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‘Transporter 3’ abides by the law of diminishing returns

While it should be obvious to those that saw the first two entries in the series that their plots were lightly based on real world issues and then taken up considerable notches to create high flying adventures where anything could happen, Transporter 3 tries to take its plot a bit more seriously than the previous two instalments did. It was during the first decade of the new millennium that the topics of climate control and global warming began to truly captivate the political debates raging the world over and how to protect the planet from humankind’s own calamitous practices.

‘Transporter 2’, while still fun, takes the crazy level a notch too high

In the previous film, there was a clear increase in the intensity of ridiculousness as the movie jumped, sprinted and punched its way to a amazingly silly finale that shun what little sense of reality its first half had established. The returning trio of director Louis Leterrier and screenwriting duo Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen (Corey Yuen is missing in action for this round) take the devil may care attitude of the original film’s second half and apply it right from the get go in Transporter 2.

‘The Transporter’ kicks things into high gear, emphasis on kicking

It is somewhat amazing to think that in 2015, a fourth Transporter film (The Transporter Refueled) was released in theatres. Whether that is a testament to the franchise’s longevity or the studios desperation that make whatever money they can out of a series of films that admittedly has its fanbase but is mostly just a drop in the ocean compared to the Marvel Cinematic Universes and James Bonds of the movie world is another debate altogether.

‘Furious 7’ delivers your over-the-top action fix

Big action, gravity-defying car shenanigans, and unstoppable macho energy make for a ridiculously fun ride. Yes, some sloppy editing bogs down director James Wan’s more-is-more finale, but that’s only in comparison to the other set pieces, which are damn near flawless. Fans of the action genre will want to catch this one early and often.

No Country for Old Men Who Kick Ass

What proved the saving grace to the careers of these action stars – and also a way to turn the self-caricature, normally a loss, into a win – ended up getting bigger than just any one of them. It gave them a moment of relevance to get some action films of theirs made, but it won’t last long.

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