Jason Sudeikis

Sundance 2015: You should abstain from ‘Sleeping with Other People’

With each new inferior romantic-comedy, you come to appreciate the delicate brilliance of When Harry Met Sally just a little bit more. Sleeping with Other People is a particularly egregious offender because it borrows so heavily from the classic. Though it tries very hard (too hard) to please, it can’t overcome its faulty premise, miscast leads, and ill-conceived gags. This is a rom-com with very few laughs and even fewer romantic sparks.

‘Horrible Bosses 2’ holds comedy hostage

There’s nothing more depressing than a lazy comedy, and Horrible Bosses 2 suffers from a terminal case of laziness. Instead of gleefully diving into its richly-black premise, it settles for obvious sight gags and uninspired improvisations. A talented comedic cast is wasted on material that aims for mediocrity and hits the target over and over again. There simply aren’t enough laughs here to justify this film’s existence.

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