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    There’s something to be ‘Wild’ about with Reese Witherspoon’s magnetic performance

    In the wake of tragic events that include her inevitable divorce from affable husband Paul (Thomas Sadoski), the heart-wrenching death of her free-spirited mother Bobbi (Laura Dern), sour memories of a chaotic childhood with her younger brother that featured an abusive stepfather (as well as heroin addiction and random reckless sexual encounters), native Minnesotan Cheryl Strayed (Witherspoon) sets out to conquer the Pacific Crest Trail as a therapeutic means to confront her heavy disillusionment. We witness the determined hotel-bound Cheryl trying to handle her overstuffed backpack (later to be nicknamed “Monster”) that is perched on her petite shoulders and back. And so she sets off, ready to embark on a mission to walk off her major angst-ridden hostilities and heartache in the trying trail that lies ahead. More

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    Reese Witherspoon goes ‘Wild’ in new trailer

    Jean-Marc Vallée last year led Matthew McConaughey to an Oscar with Dallas Buyers Club, and his follow-up Wild looks to have the potential to do the same for Reese Witherspoon. In the first trailer for the film, Witherspoon plays weary traveler Cheryl Strayed, a woman who walked over a thousand miles on a solo hike […] More

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    ‘Stranger By The Lake’ and ‘Blue Is the Warmest Color’ – Sound On Sight Podcast #370

    With the (wider) release of Abdellatif Kekiche’s widely-discussed Blue Is the Warmest Colour (aka La Vie d’Adéle), Ricky, Josh and Simon thought it a good time for a roundup of recent, acclaimed fare that touches on LGBTQ issues and depictions. First up is Alain Guiraudie’s Stranger by the Lake, a noirish thriller that takes place entirely within the open […] More


    TIFF 2013: ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ an inspiring combat story against H.I.V. and AIDS

    Dallas Buyers Club is an important film. Not because it tackles AIDS or bigotry or pharmaceutical companies or preservatives, although it does all that and more. It’s important because it shows one man who manages to overcome a 30-days left to live prognosis and makes a positive difference, all the while still being a real jerk, to put it politely. Based off of a true story, the material could have easily fallen into a Lifetime movie or docu-drama or a redemption story, but instead Jean-Marc Vallée’s Dallas Buyers Club is a compelling film about a real antihero, an alcohol and drug-abusing, flaming heterosexual Texan who contracts H.I.V. and lives to help himself and those around him, in that order. More