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‘Convergence’ #4: our world gets bored

Convergence #4 Written by Jeff King Pencils by Stephen Segoiva; Inks by Mark Farmer, Julio Ferreira, Jonathon Glapion, Rob Hunter, Jason Paz, Mark Roslan, & Stephen Segoiva Colors by Aspen MLT’s John Starr & Peter Steigerwald Published by DC Comics DC’s hyped up event of the summer reaches its halfway point and sadly not much …

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‘Convergence’ #2: boilerplate event

DC’s latest event comic reaches its second (technically third) issue and continues the trend of disappointment. Despite a star studded cast of the excellent Earth 2 hero roster, Convergence has had very little to do despite all the publicity hype and the bringing in of countless parts of DC’s history. With so many great stories on the table, it’s a shame that this story ends up so empty.

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‘Convergence’ #1: where worlds collide…later…

After a rather uneventful #0 issue, DC’s big Convergence event starts in full. For those not in the know, Telos, a living planet, has served as Brainiac’s dumping ground captured cities. With Brainiac dead, Telos takes his master’s plan in a new sinister direction sets the cities to full-scale war with each other and only one may survive. What throws a wrench into the works is the arrival of Val-Zod, Thomas Wayne, Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, Dick Grayson, and Yolanda Montez. They’ve been saved from death at the hands of Darkseid but now find themselves at the center of Convergence. However, given they’ve been trapped in Earth 2: World’s End for six months, this must be like a holiday for them.

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‘Convergence’ #0: just plain zero

Convergence #0 occupies a very strange space. DC had a bout of #0 issues a while back, not only an entire month dedicated to them but also a few afterwards such as Harley Quinn #0 and Justice League United #0. The problem with #0 issues in general is that they tend to fall into one of two categories, either a) just the first issue of the actual book or b) pointless prelude material that will only be explained in the #1, making the issue itself nothing less than a cynical money grab. Convergence #0 is the latter.

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DC Comics Announces “Convergence” Event for 2015

All around the country, articles are announcing DC’s Convergence, which is next year’s all new event for the comics giant. Really, though the headlines should read something more like this, “DC Same Multiverse Crossover, Again.” That’s right, anyone that didn’t see this vague announcement on the horizon just hasn’t been paying attention.The series kicks off …

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