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Once Upon A Time, Ep. 3.09, “Save Henry” catches the show from falling down

There is no time for any slow pacing this week as Once Upon a Time quickly straps us in and shoots out of the gate. Right from the start, “Save Henry” shows potential to be the best episode of season three.

Aside from a quick visit into the past Enchanted Forest, the episode mostly deals with the group saving Henry and Pan’s doings on Neverland. The backstory is a nice little treat; it shows us how Regina came to adopt Henry and the early years of their life together. This is exciting for two reasons. One, we get to see Storybrooke once again. After visiting it briefly a few episodes ago, it’s great to be back with everyone there. The second reason is that Lana Parrilla gets to be front and center once again. Parrilla has always been a main staple on the show and to see her stuck on the backburner for most of season three has been a disappointment. This week we finally get to see her shine. She plays Regina with absolute ease, showing occasional vulnerability as well as her more wicked side.

Once Upon a Time, Lost Girl promo pic, S03E02

Once Upon A Time, Ep. 3.02, “Lost Girl”: Accepting who you are will help you find the way

Once Upon a Time welcomes us back to Neverland this week and once again the writers kick the episode off in a very interesting, yet dark, way. We are greeted to Rumplestiltskin cutting off his shadow and then sending it on a very important mission concerning the dagger. Props need to be given to the CGI department for this scene. They manage to freak us out with mere shadows and Rumple’s flying off with the dagger, fiery eyes blazing, sends shivers down our backs.

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