Jesse Warn

Flash Jay Garrick

The Flash, Ep. 2.02, “Flash of Two Worlds”

It was in 1961’s issue #123 of The Flash, in which Barry Allen accidentally vibrated his molecules at lightning speed found himself in Keystone City, the home of the Golden Age Flash. It was in this parallel universe that he met Jay Garrick of Earth-Two for the first time.

The Vampire Diaries, Ep 5.03: “Original Sin” introduces a new threat

Last season, as the show revealed the legend of Silas, one name kept popping up; that of Qetsiyah, the witch who had built the supernatural purgatory, created a cure for immortality, and neutralised the first immortal. With Silas now back and stronger than ever, it was a foregone conclusion that the group would try to reach out to Qetsiyah at some point, a task made much more difficult by the death of Mystic Falls’ last remaining witch, Bonnie. That issue solves itself this week as Silas’ old nemesis pops up, re-aligning the show’s stakes once again in a strong episode that doesn’t suffer from a smaller cast.

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