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  • ACOD

    ‘A.C.O.D.’ a scattered dramedy with an overqualified ensemble

    It’s not a particularly good sign that the end credits for A.C.O.D. are more revealing and poignant than the film preceding them. As the credits roll on one half of the screen, a montage of (presumably) the film’s crew members plays on the other half, as they identify as being either Adult Children of Divorce (hence the titular acronym) or not, defining when or if their parents split up, how, and why. More

  • Mud

    Sundance London 2013 – Part Five: ‘Sleepwalk with Me’ is sleeper gem of the festival

    Some of this year’s Sundance comedy-dramas have had their narratives plucked from the wellspring of their director’s personal experience, though that should never excuse any shortcomings. Yesterday, I wrote a negative review of Francesca Gregorini’s treatment of motherhood in Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes. My primary beef was less with the inherent trauma at […] More

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    ‘Sin City’ impresses by commiting all imaginable sins

    Sin City Directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller Written by Frank Miller U.S.A, 2005 Every Friday during the month of June, the Friday Film Noir column will be taking a slightly offbeat look at noir in film. More specifically, films that embrace noir elements in their  own fashion yet are not from the traditionally […] More

  • in

    Fight for Horror Supremacy: Results

    Going into the final day of the competition, I was trailing by two films. Things didn’t bode well for me, because time just was not on my side. Though I’ve taken every year by a landslide, I am more than satisfied with the results here. I may not have won, but my record is still […] More

  • in

    Is CGI the new nude?

    The news that Jessica Alba was not actually naked in the shower scene in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete was met with a lot of disappointed and some debate. Apparently Alba filmed the scene wearing white underwear that was later removed with CGI. The debate revolves around what CGI nudity means for the future of film. Photo […] More

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    The Killer Inside Me

    “Like the protagonist, it tries hard to punch above its weight but has difficulty landing the killer blow.”  ………………………………………………… The Killer Inside Me Director: Michael Winterbottom “Out here you’re a man and a gentleman or you aren’t anything at all.” Or you could be a smooth-talking lawman by day and a psychopath with a penchant […] More