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    Top 10 “Batman Year One” Moments

    Batman Year One was the first Batman (and DC) comic I read back in 2010. The things that stood out to me were the poetic nature of Frank Miller’s writing (mainly the caption boxes), the parts that Batman Begins homaged, and how Jim Gordon seemed to have more page time than Batman. After rereading this story a few times over the year, I realized that Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli could have named this story “Jim Gordon Year One” and his ups and downs as he goes from a do-gooder cop from Chicago to an overworked Gotham policeman who has an affair with one of his co-workers to an ally of Batman. His character arc is just as compelling and more down to earth than Batman’s. Letterer Todd Klein shows this more grounded story by using more traditional letters in contrast with the fancy cursive script he uses for Batman’s caption boxes. However, both characters have their share of great moments in “Batman Year One”, which is also a little bit of an origin story for Selina Kyle’s Catwoman too. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this highlight reel of the best parts of “Batman Year One” in chronological order. More

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    Batman Eternal #1 is a Fast Start to the New Weekly Series

    Batman Eternal #1 Written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV Art by Jason Fabok Colored by Brad Anderson Published by DC Comics With a jaw dropping first page (actually the end of the whole Batman Eternal story), Batman Eternal #1 goes full throttle from the beginning and never lets up on the gas. Scott Snyder and James Tynion have […] More

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    DC Comics Characters That Should Have Their Own TV Show

    CW’s Arrow has shown that DC Comics characters can work on the small screen. This season has gotten positive attention from both fans and critics and continues to build its world and introduce more characters and concepts from the comics. As well as Arrow, DC Entertainment has announced that there are Jim Gordon, John Constantine, and Hourman shows […] More