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    Best Comics of 2015 (So Far) Part 1

    2015 has been quite the eclectic year for comics, and this fact is reflected in our top ten list. Image Comics continues to be the true house of ideas with books ranging from a feminist twist on exploitation films to a murder mystery set in 1940s Hollywood and even a LGBTQ-friendly parody of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Even though they are in the middle of big events (Convergence and Secret Wars), DC and Marvel respectively still have room for offbeat takes on their iconic or not so iconic characters and are represented on this list along with Valiant, which has attracted a veritable Murderer’s Row of creator to shape and develop their shared universe. More

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    The League of Rejected Superheroes from Mad Magazine

    Inebrion: The Superhero Who Can’t Stay Sober by Frank Miller & Wildstorm Scantily-Clad Woman by J. Scott Campbell & Matt Milla The Entomologist by Dave Gibbons & Wildstorm Mediocre Man by John Byrne & Wildstorm Sloggtor of Globbzorr by John Romita Jr. & Wildstorm Vocabulon by Mike Allred & Laura Allred Apathenia: The Queen of […] More

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    Superman Unchained Takes Superman Back to Basics

    Superman Unchained #1 Writer: Scott Snyder Pencils: Jim Lee Ink: Scott Williams & Alex Sinclair Cover: Jim Lee, Scott Williams & Alex Sinclair Publisher: DC Comics This week undoubtedly marks one of the biggest weeks in the 75 year history of Superman. Not only is the character finally getting a movie worthy of his greatness, […] More

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    The Ten Best Wolverine Artists (Part 1)

    Wolverine is Marvel’s most popular character after Spider-Man, and he’s everywhere. Hugh Jackman has played him in four X-Men films, one solo film, and is set to return for a solo film this summer along with X-Men: Days of Future Past in 2014. In comics, Wolverine can be found in Savage Wolverine, the upcoming Wolverine […] More