Joe Anderson

Hannibal, Ep. 3.04, “Aperitivo”

Four episodes into season three, the reverberations of the season two finale are still being felt. Given the monumental nature of “Mizumono”, that feels appropriate, and the first trio of episodes of season three have dealt primarily with the Red Dinner’s emotional and psychological fallout for Hannibal and Will.

‘Buzzard’ is an uninspired addition to the man-child genre

Buzzard, the third film in director Joel Potrykus’ ‘Animal Trilogy’, attempts to be like a low-budget alternative to Fight Club; a rage against the inescapable power of soul-deadening corporations seen through the eyes of one of the system’s former minions. Unfortunately, though, it simply ends up being one of the least inspired entries in the widespread “childish adult” genre, with nothing really insightful to add to it.


‘A Single Shot’ a fine showcase for Sam Rockwell, but not much else

Sam Rockwell’s secret weapon is not his gift of gab, but his ability to use that chatty nature to disarm everyone around him. Rockwell, so rakish and charming in this summer’s indie hit The Way, Way Back, isn’t the kind of actor who can’t play taciturn, but deliberately robbing him of his quirky, squirrelly speech patterns is always a bit of a letdown.

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