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    ‘Horns’ is all over the place

    Daniel Radcliffe could not be doing more to dispel his Harry Potter image that so many movie fans still hold onto. From ages 12 to 22 Radcliffe personified the beloved children’s book character, but he’s moving on. He’s played beat icon Allen Ginsberg, he’s played a cynical romanticist, and he’s played a terrorized attorney. Based on the novel by Joe Hill, Horns, is truly the cherry on top of the typecast-busting sundae because no one will be thinking about Potter when they see this. More

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    ‘Maleficent’, the Disney adaptation with Angelina Jolie, releases a teaser

    The tale of Sleeping Beauty is one of the most well-known fairytales,  with the 1959 animated Disney classic of the same name often held as the most well-regarded telling of the story. When Disney themselves, however, announced plans for a live action telling of the story, many were intrigued, particularas it promised a different perspective, […] More

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    TIFF 2013: ‘Horns’ is a morbid and miserable supernatural YA love story with R-rated special effects

    Based on the Joe Hill novel, Horns is about a young man (Daniel Radcliffe) who sprouts horns after his ex-girlfriend (Juno Temple) is murdered and raped. In the hands of director Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes), one would hope for a mind-bending horror story about good and evil, with a special emphasis on the latter. Unfortunately, with an underdeveloped adapted screenplay (the first feature from screenwriter Keith Bunin), Horns falls short and at best, may become some decent late-night popcorn fodder with a few quotable-because-they’re-awkward lines and a charred-up Daniel Radcliffe with horns. More

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    Fantasia Film Festival 2013: ‘Magic Magic’ carefully circumvents genre tropes to create a deep sense of unease

    Magic Magic Written by Sebastian Silva Directed by Sebastian Silva U.S.A./Chile, 2013 It is always an exciting prospect when new, young actors begin to make serious headway in film or television, proving their worth as performers and whose names cause movie goers’ head to perk at the mention that they are starring in an upcoming […] More

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    EIFF 2013: ‘Magic Magic’ is a superbly claustrophobic and strange thriller

    It’s become something of a cliché to draw links between any claustrophobic discomfort piece and the work of Roman Polanski. Magic Magic not only has the chamber piece qualities of the man’s apartment films and Carnage, but also the island locale and proximity to paralyzing waters of films like Knife in the Water, Cul-de-sac and The Ghost Writer; furthermore, it also shares a blonde protagonist losing her grip on reality à la Repulsion. It’s an easy film to play ‘Spot the Roman’ with, but the comparison is valid and not just superficial checklist-ticking in this case. If, as a whole, it never reaches the same heights of quality as the best of Polanski’s more horror-inclined films, Sebastián Silva’s unnerving and enigmatic thriller has scenes that certainly stand up to worthy association. More

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    Watch a Trailer for the psychological-thriller ‘Magic Magic’

    Since his days starring in Arrested Development, Michael Cera has been criticized repeatedly for sticking to his George-Michael Bluth shtick. Thankfully the actor now seems interested in playing-against-type and is done being awkward and nerdy. This Friday, he plays a cocaine-loving version of himself in This Is The End, and come Aug. 6, you can […] More

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    Sundance: ‘Magic Magic’ offers a more than entertaining diversion from the typical blood and guts of the genre

    Magic Magic Directed by Sebastián Silva Written by Sebastián Silva Chili 2013 Sundance alum Sebastián Silva (The Maid, Old Cats) returns to this year’s festival with two offerings, each as similar as they are different. Magic Magic, Silva’s entry into the genre oriented Midnight category, revolves around an ill-fated road trip to a remote location […] More

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    Trailer: Bradley Rust Gray’s ‘Jack & Diane’

    Fear not, this isn’t an adaptation of the famous John Mellencamp song, rather, Bradley Rust Gray’s follow-up to 2009’s The Exploding Girl, which propelled him into modest mumblecore fame. His latest tells the story of Jack and Diane, two teenage girls struggling with newly awakened sexual desires. The film stars Juno Temple, Riley Keough, Kylie Minogue, […] More