Kathryn Hahn

Transparent Season 2 premiere

Transparent, Ep. 2.01, “Kina Hora”

If the first episode of Transparent’s second season is any indication, any critic making a Top 10 list needs to wait until the full season premieres on December 11th.

Sundance 2015: ‘The D Train’ promises a fun, twisty ride

The D Train starts as a predictable buddy-comedy, only to swerve into a completely unexpected direction. It’s a movie that might have lived comfortably in the ‘80s, alongside other raunchy R-rated comedies that never forgot to bring a little heart. Jack Black continues to evolve as a comedic actor, learning when to turn on his persona and when to disappear into character. The writing is sharp, smart, and determined to give us something unpredictable. Most importantly, it’s funny as hell.

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