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    ‘Cop Car’ is an ode to both the joys and perils of growing up as kids

    Cop Car is the type of movie that knows exactly what it is as well as how to press the right buttons to excite the audience. On first glance, the concept sounds rather far fetched. Then again, kids, because of their nature, do incredibly stupid things. If some chap is foolish enough to leave his or her car unattended and a couple of bored 10 or 11-year olds creep up, who knows what preposterous ideas their imaginations will conjure up. More

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    The Definitive Movies of 1995

    10. Waterworld Directed by: Kevin Reynolds It could be the flop of all flops. At the time, “Waterworld” was the most expensive film ever made. Starring Kevin Costner, “Waterworld” is a science-fiction/fantasy film taking place roughly 500 years after the polar ice caps melted in the beginning of the 21st century, effectively covering the entire […] More

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    Sundance 2015: ‘Cop Car’ is an instant Americana genre film classic

    The first impression we get about the film is the landscape – multiple shots cover the empty Midwestern landscape, the environment shaping the lives for our central characters. The next impression we get is one of youth, as a long and impressively non-intrusive tracking shot follows two young boys, practicing their swearing with each other. This is a film that you fall in love with immediately, as it’s hard to not find yourself in these two. The plot of Jon Watts’s stellar film revolves around two ten-year-old boys, Harrison (Hays Wellford) and Travis (James Freedson-Jackson), who steal an abandoned cop car. To explain much further would be to ruin the surprises, wonder and fun that this film has in store. More

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    The Following, Ep. 2.13, “The Reaping” brings season to new high

    When The Following began its second season it seemed like it had fixed its previous issues. But those old problems eventually began to resurface and season two was faced with unnecessary plot twists, important characters with nothing to do, and countless storylines that didn’t seem to go anywhere.

    “The Reaping” has one central issue and that’s Kingston Tanner (Tom Cavanagh). When he was introduced in “Betrayal” it was an interesting choice. On one hand, the idea of Joe (James Purefoy) fighting a religious war with a man who doesn’t exactly seem on the up and up and who represents what Joe viciously hates is fascinating. At the same time, it’s problematic that the writers have introduced a new character this late in the season. Two of the biggest issues with this season have been its multiple storylines and new characters who have hardly anything to do with the story as a whole. It’s been very messy and Kingston only makes this more obvious. As a character he’s not all that interesting; after all he’s no Mark and Luke (Sam Underwood). What he represents to Joe means so much more. More

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    The Following, Ep.2.12, “Betrayal” is an overall improvement

    When The Following is good, it’s really good. At the beginning of its second season, it seemed like the show had finally found its footing. It had accepted the fact that it was kind of insane and unrealistic and had resigned itself to the fact that it could just be really dark, devilish, guilty pleasure fun. And then it happened; it slipped right back to season 1. The reveal that Claire (Natalie Zea) was still alive seemed like a false note and frankly, there hasn’t been enough Joe (James Purefoy) to hold the show together. The show’s other most compelling characters, like Mike (Shawn Ashmore) and Emma (Valorie Curry), just don’t have a lot to do. New characters like twins Luke and Mark (Sam Underwood) always impress but never really seem to have anywhere to go. Last week’s “Freedom” was an uneven mess with some truly great moments but “Betrayal” is a great improvement.

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    The Following, Ep. 2.10, “Teacher’s Pet”: Flashbacks expand character backstories

    The reveal that Claire (Natalie Zea) survived her stabbing changes everything for The Following. That moment at the end of “Unmasked” last week was a great surprise but more importantly, it challenges what we know about our characters.We’re suddenly aware of what Mike (Shawn Ashmore) is willing to do for his job, her survival will undoubtedly alter Joe’s (James Purefoy) “epic plan”, and how exactly it effects Ryan (Kevin Bacon) remains to be seen, though it can’t be good. More

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    ‘R.I.P.D’, the supernatural action thriller starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds, gets its first trailer

    Veteran actor Jeff Bridges has built an illustrious career for himself over the years, with a diverse filmography in film and television, appearing in comedies, westerns, thrillers, and science fiction, and earning his first Best Actor Academy Award in 2009 for his role in Crazy Heart. One thing he has yet to do, however, is […] More

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