Kevin Smith

Television that Home Video Forgot: Reaper (2007)

Reaper has the kind of premise that could’ve gone on for much longer than it was given. Ideally it would’ve been the M*A*S*H of supernatural shows with Ray Wise as the Hawkeye constant, where after a cycle they could get a new group for the Devil to play with. Unfortunately, the show got the axe before it could even properly close out the Sam era. Hopefully, Fazekas & Butters will be able to get enough pull to someday revive the show again and bring closure to the story they began with Sam and the Devil. There is a chance that this could happen now more than ever before, being that there has been a recent trend of TV show revivals surfacing as of late. As it is, Reaper is still a really entertaining show that is quality and warrants a place in your collection.

TIFF 2014: ‘Tusk”s production more interesting than the final product

Kevin Smith’s early work, guerilla-style films about disenfranchised geeks and losers, helped gain him a strong and dedicated audience. While many of his most dedicated fans seem to find the best in even his weakest films, Smith has never found the same success in critical circles. The negative critiques of his films has only been exasperated by Smith himself, who seems to struggle with dissenting takes on his work, leading him to withdraw into podcasting. Though this was not a strategic choice on Smith’s part, it seemed to pay off as his audience only grew and he is now among the most influential people in the ‘Twittersphere’. This allowed Smith to distribute his 2011 film Red State himself. He described the entire process as “Indie Film 2.0.”; it was no longer about just making the film yourself but distributing it as well.

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