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It’s Our Right to Fight in ‘Robin War’ #1

Robin War #1 Written by Tom King Art by Khary Randolph, Alain Mauricet, Jorge Corona, Andres Guinaldo and Walden Wong Colors by Emilio Lopez, Chris Sotomayor, Gabe Eltaeb, Sandra Molina Breakdowns by Rob Haynes Letters by Carlos M. Mangual and Tom Napolitano Published by DC Comics The Robin mythos is ever expanding to usher in …

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‘Tech Jacket’ #1- A Hero Returns

Tech Jacket #1 Written by Joe Keatinge Art by Khary Randolph Published by Image Comics  Tech Jacket isn’t quite a revival of an old series, but it’s an opportunity for Image to revisit a character who hasn’t been written about in some time. Originally created by Robert Kirkman, “Tech Jacket” is a high-school age boy …

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