Religious faith and love for weird movies combine in Joe Badon’s ‘The Man with Ten Thousand Eyes’ Kickstarter

Inspired not by other comics but by his strong religious faith and love of strange movies, Joe Badon’s The Man with Ten Thousand Eyes Kickstarter comic looks for $3,000 by Friday, Nov. 13.
“This is kind of like a super abstract internal dialogue I’m having with myself about my walk with God, but in a super weird, noir, crazy abstract filter,” said Badon via Skype interview.

Black Jack Press preparing to launch Viking-themed anthology

Fahey is attempting to use Kickstarter to fund a “large scale print run” of Sagas of the Northmen, rather than the print-on-demand services typically used by Black Jack Press. The print-on-demand service allows for affordable yet high quality comic books, but it doesn’t allow for much in the way of profits for the artists and writers nor does it allow for profits to fund future projects. In Fahey’s own words, “Sagas of the Northmen, and more specifically this Kickstarter campaign, is the first step toward turning our hobby into a small business, while still maintaining the creative freedom that comes with being an independent publisher.” For more information on the Kickstarter campaign and Sagas of the Northmen please click here.

‘Shaman’ #1 is a unique blend of urban fantasy and superheroes

Ben Kahn and Bruno Hidalgo play with and subvert a lot of superhero and supernatural fiction tropes in Shaman #1. Kahn’s dry comic timing and action-driven plotting draws readers into the story while also starting to build a universe that combines (arguably) two of the coolest genres: superhero and urban fantasy. Even if the backgrounds occasionally lack perspective and characters randomly shift body shapes, Shaman #1 is a thrilling and clever story that functions as a done-in-one plot as well as creating the status quo for the miniseries going forward.

‘Veronica Mars’ a fine bit of fan service, but not much else

The phrase “for the fans” has a new definition, and its name is Veronica Mars. Here, at least, the descriptor doesn’t automatically speak ill qualitatively, as the long-rumored film based on the cult TV series only came to fruition thanks to a massively successful Kickstarter campaign last March. (The overwhelming response to the Veronica Mars campaign has since inspired a number of other filmmakers and actors to call upon their fans to help long-gestating projects become the real thing.) Veronica Mars, the film, will easily cater to the series’ most passionate fans, but it’s just as safe to assume that if you’re not that familiar with the three-season TV show, you might as well start there and eventually build your way up to the movie.

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