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    Watch: Find the ‘Loneliness of Sofia Coppola’ in this supercut

    Nobody can quite capture the loneliness of life like director Sofia Coppola. Even in revolutionary France, there are those quiet moments between you and your thoughts. Movement of Time decided to put these moments together in a supercut from Coppola’s filmography (Lost in Translation, Marie Antoniette, Somewhere, and The Bling Ring) with a focus on […] More

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    ‘The Two Faces of January’ is a slow-burner that tests your loyalties

    Guilt is a powerful motivator. Its nagging voice can corrupt even the noblest of intentions. In the case of The Two Faces of January, a son’s guilt leads him into a questionable alliance in which he becomes inextricably trapped. There are twists and turns, jealousy and lust, but the real pleasure of a film like this is watching how far people will go to silence those nagging voices. Even if it means losing everything they care about. More

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    ‘The Two Faces of January’ cannot sustain a sense of dread

    Patricia Highsmith is one of those authors whose body of work the film industry just can’t stop panning for gold. The Two Faces of January is the latest adaptation of one of her books, and it ticks off most of the drinking game check marks we’ve come to expect from her stories: a vivid locale, desire that turns deadly, antagonists bound together by circumstance, numerous double-crosses, and a general mood of darkness in the soul. This is also the directorial debut of Hossein Amini, whose genre screenplays (Drive, Snow White and the Huntsman, 47 Ronin) have become a hot Hollywood commodity in recent years. With the help of a capable crew, Hossein has helmed a thoroughly capable film. More

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    SFIFF 2014: The Good, The Bad, and The Mediocre

    Begin Again Formerly known as Can a Song Save Your Life?, writer-director John Carney’s latest film marks a return to the New York music scene in an uplifting tale of reinvention and rediscovery. Keira Knightley stars as Greta, an amateur singer-songwriter left heartbroken in the Big Apple after her douchebag musician boyfriend Dave (Adam Levine) […] More

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    Sunday Shorts: ‘Welcome’, starring Winona Ryder

    Today’s film is the 2007 short Welcome. The film is written and directed by Kirsten Dunst, and stars Alexandra Gold Jourden, John Hawkes, and Winona Ryder. Ryder first came to public attention with a key supporting role in 1988’s Beetlejuice, before garnering the lead role in Heathers in the following year. Her filmography includes features […] More

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    ‘Bachelorette’ releases its first trailer

    The success of Paul Feig’s Bridesmaids in 2011 went a long way towards disproving the Hollywood myth that a female-led comedy could not do well financially , thus opening the door for women to take a more central role in funny movies. The fruits of that labour are now beginning to show, with the similarly themed […] More

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    NYFF2011: DAY 3 ‘Melancholia’

    Melancholia Directed by Lars Von Trier Written by Lars Von Trier 2011, Denmark Melancholia refers to a planet hidden behind the sun that is on a direct course for Earth, along with the crippling state of mentally ill Justine (Kirsten Dunst), whose case is so severe that she destroys her relationship with her groom during […] More

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    TIFF 2011: ‘Melancholia’ juxtaposes humor and misery at the end of the world

    Melancholia Directed by Lars Von Trier Written by Lars Von Trier Denmark, 2011 A wedding, a sister and an apocalypse: These are the essential narrative pieces of Lars Von Trier’s newest film Melancholia. The film combines a high level psychological-surrealism and Dogme-esque hand-held cinematography as means of creating a very funny, misanthropic portrait of the […] More

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