Kyle Chandler

NYFF ’15: “Carol” is about the look of love

It begins and ends with a look. In that look is hesitance, longing, desire, confusion, confidence, conviction, hope. Even love. On NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, writer and critic Glenn Weldon described real chemistry between actors living in the look, elaborating on the attraction manifesting in the movement of the eyes.

Bloodline, Ep. 1.01-06: Compelling mystery driven by exceptional casting

Bloodline is all about deception. What’s beneath the surface, what we hide from the world and the lies we tell to protect ourselves and our families. The problem is, and the one that is explored in Bloodline, that it’s usually our families who know our deepest secrets anyways. And if you have a family like the Rayburns’ they are likely to use them against you at some point. What becomes clear in these first six episodes is that these are people who don’t let things go.

Alien Invasion Month: ‘Super 8’

So I know it’s Alien Invasion Month and that the key requirements of Sound on Sight’s ongoing theme are quite simple: a) aliens and b) invading. I also know that apart from the U.S. military’s invasion of small town Ohio, there’s not a whole lot of that second part in J.J. Abrams’ Super 8, least of all from its star extraterrestrial, a recently escaped interplanetary alien-spider-gorilla who’s been exacting revenge on the government that studied him by abducting townsfolk and household appliances to rebuild his ship constructed from white, morphing Rubiks cubes. It’s all very technical, if you must know.

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