La Dolce Vita

New on Video: ‘Fellini’s Casanova’

Fellini’s Casanova boasts an assortment of people, locations, and entire sequences that are created and realized in a way that can only be called “Felliniesque.” Clichéd though it may be, there is simply no other adequate description.

New on Video: ‘L’Avventura’

It is with L’Avventura that one truly gets the sense of ground being broken. That’s not to say it is the best film [Antonioni] ever directed (though I would argue it is), but this is the film of his that most clearly worked to usher in a new form of cinema, from which there was no turning back.

New on Video: ‘La Dolce Vita’

There is, in the end, no denying La Dolce Vita’s impact. It wasn’t just a film. As Antonello Sarno contends, it was (and still is) a “phenomenon in culture, fashion, and society.”

New on Video: ‘I vinti’

In 1953, Michelangelo Antonioni directed the episodic I vinti (The Vanquished), quite possibly the least “Antonioni-esque” feature he ever made … nevertheless a fascinating examination of this “burnt out generation.”


Catching Up with a Classic: ‘La Dolce Vita’

Had I seen La Dolce Vita at an earlier age I would not have appreciated it the same way I do now. I’m sure I would have gotten caught up in the wild ride main character Marcello (Marcello Mastroianni) takes. The spiralling mix of booze, women, and empty pleasure, the endless nights of loud music boxing one’s ears, and the mumbling alcohol dreams of a blonde that couldn’t possibly exist. This all would have been delightful to the younger, more irresponsible me. It meant nothing to feel nothing, and any hauntings of a void could be squashed with a smirk and a wry word of expression.

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