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    Hannibal, Ep.1.09: “Trou Normand,” a nearly flawless cohesion of visual poetry

    Hannibal serves up another carefully cooked up course of events with its ninth episode of the series, “Trou Normand,” as Jack and Will’s pursuit of a new killer (Lance Henriksen) takes a toll on Will’s psyche. Will is really is beginning to crack under the pressure this week. He’s suffering from time lapses (losing a total of three and half hours of his life), and teaches the killer’s design to an empty class. As we see each and every week, Will is exposed to unimaginable horror every day. More

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    Millennium with Robert K. Elder

    Author and critic Robert K. Elder comes back to the DVD Shelf to help Simon and Kate break down Millennium, particularly the episodes “Somehow Satan Got Behind Me” and “Jose Chung’s ‘Doomsday Defense’”, both written by Darin Morgan. [powerpress] More