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Scream Queens, Ep. 1.12-1.13, “Dorkus/The Final Girls”

In the end, the same thing that brought down the Chanels was also the major letdown with Scream Queens as a whole: the need to be right. The exact smugness that doomed the crew of blonde psychopaths at the center of this story was the season itself’s main misstep, and one that was doubled down upon rather than made more subtle as it progressed.

Scream Queens, Ep. 1.04, “Haunted House”

Is Scream Queens scary? Furthermore, does it even want to be? The time has come to finally assess the camp/horror mash-up in the area that counts: Is it at all horrifying for the viewers to watch at home?

Glee, Ep. 5.15, “Bash” is poignant but not for the squeamish

The somber opening to Glee’s “Bash” sets the tone for the episode and it’s a somber one. The acapella version of “No One is Alone”, originally from the musical Into the Woods, is haunting and beautiful. Somehow even the comedic relief, Sam Evans, is quiet and that speaks volumes to the seriousness of the issue being addressed.

It is always a treat to see Lea Michele or Darren Criss do a Broadway number. Despite Madame Tibaduex’s disapproval, it is especially nice to see them perform together, this time doing their own theatrical rendition of “Broadway Baby” from Follies. I’d imagine due to the close proximity between Michele and Criss’s characters’, Rachel and Blaine will probably be singing some more Broadway ditties in the future.

Glee, 5.02, “Tina In the Sky with Diamonds” Falls Short of Last Week’s Promising Premiere

Glee’s second episode of the season and second half of their Beatles tribute is fun and filled to the brim with well-executed and unique Glee-ifed versions of The Beatles’ best experimental era work. While the musical performances are strong, this episode seems to highlight all the character development issues viewers have been fed up with in the recent past. Likewise, writing for this episode is not as strong as the season opener. On a positive note, the actors are spot on and distract from some of the cheesy dialogue.

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