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    ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ turns noir conventions on its head

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Directed by Shane Black Written by Brett Halliday (novel Bodies Are Where You Find Them), Shane Black (screenplay) US, 2005 In his directorial debut, Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang begins, as with many noirs, with a crime. This crime, a robbery of a children’s toy store, however, lands the protagonist […] More

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    Several Iconic Movie Characters Now Have Their Own Action Figures

    Anyone who collects toy memorabilia for many film classics of the ’70s and ’80s will love this article. eBay seller ‘Popsfartberger’ has been creating custom action figures for movie characters that the toy companies have neglected to release. Among the many creations are characters from cult hits such as Taxi Driver, Cobra, Lethal Weapon, Jaws, […] More

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    9 Great Cop Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

    As happened for so many other genres, the 1960s/1970s saw a tremendous creative expansion in crime and cop thrillers. The old Hollywood moguls had died off or retired, most of the major studios were bleeding red ink, attendance had gone off a cliff since the end of WW II, and a new breed of young, […] More